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Crafting What’s Now, Near & Next
May 13, 2020 • Kimball
The way the world is thinking about work has [...]
Virtual bingo brings DC workers together
May 9 • WUSA9
The team at Washington Workplace hopes to create [...]
The Future of Workplace Design
May 4, 2020 • Jane Hamley Wells
There are many questions about what the workplace [...]
The Pandemic May Mean the End of the [...]
May 4, 2020 • The New York Times
The modern corporate office is renowned for open, collaborative [...]
Keeping Culture Alive Amid COVID-19
April 27, 2020 • ROOM
The COVID-19 pandemic dropped a bomb on the way we work.
Workers Won't Return To The Same Office
April 14, 2020 • Bisnow
For many people, working at home might only last as long as the [...]
Our offices will never be the same
April 13, 2020 • Fast Company
It’s hard to imagine now—as most of us are reading this in quarantine, [...]
COVID-19 Impact on the Workplace
April 8, 2020 • ROOM
We are living in unprecedented times. If you are fortunate enough [...]
Colour Matching In Office Decoration Design
March 24, 2020 • eOffice
In office design decoration, the combination and use of colours is [...]
Building For Gen Z, The Digital Natives Coming Soon To The Workforce
May 29, 2019 • BisNow
In the last two years, millennials have become the largest generation [...]
Finding the Right Fit: Furniture for Traditional and Open Offices
April 23, 2019 • Watson Furniture
There has been a lot of conversation around the merits of traditional and open offices.
This Office Chair Lets You Lie Down Flat
March 26, 2019 • The Hearty Soul
Feeling the effects of sleep deprivation at work? No amount of double shot [...]
6 Design Tips to Keep Employees Energized
March 21, 2019 • Haworth
In physics, the simple definition of energy is the capacity to do work.
Scientists have good news and bad news about sit-stand desks
March 15, 2019
If you’ve been following the trickle of research coming in on sitting vs. [...]
Nine practical changes companies can make to boost employee engagement
March 4, 2019 • On Office Magazine
The modern office has transformed significantly in the past decade.
Hip offices are part of our mental health crisis, here’s why
March 4, 2019 • Fast Company
Many executives have taken this idea–the culture of the modern workplace–and [...]
How Ikea’s innovation lab redesigned its own open plan office
February 27, 2019 • Fast Company
Many employees hate open offices. Yet scores of them continue to be built [...]
Office Design That Helps Employees Enjoy Their Stay
February 21, 2019 • Work Design Magazine
There are many factors that influence contemporary office design besides [...]
Concerns fuel "accelerating" trend for healthier office furniture
February 14, 2019 • Dezeen
Soundproof pods, saddle-shaped chairs, adjustable-height desks and [...]
Cubicles are back, and we have open plan offices to thank
February 12, 2019 • Fast Company
In the past three years alone, half a dozen new companies have materialized out [...]
Why is it so hard to design a decent office space?
February 8, 2019 • Quartz
If you’re reading this at work, there’s a good chance that you’re sitting at [...]
How furniture design is evolving in the workplace
February 6, 2019 • Architectural Digest
With the changing work environment, office furniture design is also constantly [...]
Nap Desks Are the Only Thing Your Office Space Needs
January 31, 2019 • House Beautiful
Tossing and turning the night before a big day at the office is pretty much [...]
Florence Knoll Bassett, 101, Designer of the Modern American Office, Dies
January 25, 2019 • New York Times
Florence Knoll Bassett, a pioneering designer and entrepreneur who created [...]
Three Design Influencers Weigh in on the Future of Work
January 24, 2019 • Haworth
It’s self-evident that the workplace is changing, but we might ask how [...]
Everyone hates open offices. Here’s why they still exist
January 15, 2019 • Fast Company
First, you tear down the walls and dispense with the soulless cubicles.
Workplace Trends for 2019
January 10, 2019 • Kimball
While some of the trends that experts are predicting for 2019 are a continuation of what some workplaces were[...]
How to redesign your workspace to be your most productive in 2019
January 9, 2019 • Fast Company
Productivity is always a hot topic, and you can find a plethora of tips and tools [...]
5 Possible Scenarios For The Future Of Coworking
January 6, 2019 • BisNow
As coworking activity continues to increase in the U.S., including doubling [...]
Evolution of the Office and Profitability
December 21, 2018 • GlobeSt
Some version of “the office” has existed since the Middle Ages.
'Recharge Rooms' Are the Next Trend Your Employees Need in the Office
June 5, 2018 • Inc.
The dramatic shift in office design in the last decade has seen many iterations [...]
Shaping Work: The Gen Z World
March 12, 2018 • HGA
Gen Z is starting to enter the workforce in sizable numbers. Generally born between 1995 and 2012, Gen Z includes[...]
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